Modern treatment in children and adolescents psoriasis.

Bucharest, Romania – 23 June 2016

This is to whom it may concern. This is for the mothers of psoriasis-suffering children, regardless of their age or location at this moment.

In the recent years we have discovered a new generation of biologically active proteins PC2 which can cure clinical psoriasis in children. Please keep in mind that we cure the clinical form of psoriasis, with lesional clearance. We included these PC2 biologically active proteins into a psoriasis reoccurrence prevention program, but this requires time and patience.

Treating children enabled us to achieve the best results. The real hero of this program is the mother, carrying out the treatment correctly and on time. The mother was also the first one to enjoy the successful results!

In our cases, all children were having joint pains. All these pains disappeared during treatment! We think that joint-related  clinical symptoms can be described as a form of psoriasis. In more modern terms, we consider psoriasis a chronic disease of the immune system and the clinical symptoms may occur in various tissues and organs, as an inflammatory reaction involving lymphocyte T and the entire immune system from the central nervous system up to the molecular and cellular energetic level.

Now we are treating 15 children. All of them responde very well. Three of them are clinically cured.

What does clinically cured mean?

A patient is clinically cured when he or she no longer has psoriasis wounds, is clinically healthy and the histopathological examination confirms the normal status of the skin. In such cases, the forms of psoriasis located in joints, bones or other soft tissues are separately dealt with depending on the clinical status. Such symptoms are not found in children, because they develop the acute psoriasis form which causes no structural modifications in joints or bones.

Clinically cured patients no longer have skin or nail wounds, nor other related diseases and are clinically healthy.

We sent a family to examine the skin of a child we considered healthy. After a careful examination, the dermatologist said:

– I cannot harvest skin samples from a healthy child! I simply cannot do such a thing!

It is needless to say something about the happiness and joy of the parents, about the way they look at you and how they see their child, about the way life is now!

Wherever you are on this planet, please send me an e-mail at: and we will talk. We will try to find a solution for treating various psoriasis cases in children. I have no intention to do business with this program.  I wish to develop it, to study these mechanisms more closely and to find solutions for preventing psoriasis reoccurrence during the lifetime of these children.

Health care specialists can also join this program.

Patrascu Ionel Victor, MVD, PhD

A mother’s letter about her child under treatment!

5.06.2016, 18:52:16

 Good morning,
Today, after four months of treatment,  Maria looks like this thanks to you and your treatment consistency. Thank God for your presence in our lives and thank you for all your support!

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