Contribution of biologically active products, Immuno-VIP and Immuno-CIP as support for amelioration of psoriasis vulgaris symptoms

Contribution of biologically active products, Immuno-VIP and Immuno-CIP as support for amelioration of psoriasis vulgaris symptoms

Psoriasis is by nature a chronic disease with an unpredictable course of symptoms and triggers, for which there is no cure. Psoriasis is a painful and disabling disease, which can affect the skin, nails and joints. This picture is complemented by the risk of other chronic ailments that can accompany psoriasis, such as: arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, dyslipidaemia, diabetes, as well as their complications.

The impact of psoriasis is often underestimated, having an immediate effect suboptimal treatment. Psoriasis has a major negative impact on the quality of patient’s life, people may experience social stigma, have low self-esteem, being self-condemned to isolation that in some cases may end in mental disease (depression and anxiety), encounter inferior professional opportunities.

The negative impact is also reflected in work/school activities, daily life, sexual activity, family relationships.

Psoriasis is statistically one of the three main pathologies (together with cardiac failure and high blood pressure) that influences the physical abilities of the affected individual and the second (beside depression) that influences the mental abilities of the affected individual.

Among skin pathology, psoriasis occupies the first place regarding the deterioration of the quality of life (QoL) index, surpassing skin malignancies.

Psoriasis is a pathology with chronic evolution: once installed, the patients will have to deal with it for the rest of their life.

The cost of treatment is substantial for the people with psoriasis, but also for health care systems.

The effect of drugs used today produce suppression of the immune system, thus inducing remission of lesions or just reducing the clinical aspects up to the threshold of patient supportability.

As the cause of psoriasis is still unknown, medical literature states that treatment is only available to control symptoms. It also involves treatment for reducing pain and disability from arthritis and other manifestations.

At the present time, medical literature indicates three major forms of therapy: topical therapy (creams, lotions, gels applied on the skin); phototherapy (UV-light therapy); and systemic therapy (tablets or injections/infusion). The choice is made depending on psoriasis severity at the time the patient presents to physician. Mild psoriasis usually is treated with topical therapy, accompanied by to phototherapy. According to medical literature, patients with moderate and severe psoriasis need systemic approach.


Contribution of ACTIVEIMMUNITY biologically active products as support for amelioration of psoriasis symptoms

ACTIVEIMMUNITY approach regarding psoriasis is a biological and integrative one, as the company has created products that can be used both orally and topically, addressing both the cause and symptoms of psoriasis, through a synergistic action. By applying the IMMUNO-VIP product, the inflammation is regulated. At the same time, IMMUNO-CIP products contribute to the reduction of epidermal keratinocyte production, remission of skin lesions, relieving from itch and pain.

All these favourable effects are accompanied by the patient relief from psychosocial encumbrance that accompanies this disease.

Both our products (IMMUNO-VIP and IMMUNO-CIP) contain chicken immunologically active proteins (CIAP) in significant quantities to induce beneficial effects by managing the symptoms of the disease and also showing beneficial improvement for associated disorders.

In case of people that have used Immuno-VIP and IMMUNO-CIP biological products, a potentiation of remission of their clinical symptoms was noticed in a relatively short time span. Skin and nail lesions, and joint pain associated with psoriasis were diminished. This patients QoL have been improved and they were reintegrated in their families and school communities. As such, the use of IMMUNO-VIP and IMMUNO-CIP biological products supported patients’ effort to maintain disease under control.

For continuous immunological support, ACTIVEIMMUNITY recommendation is for a prophylactic cure of 30 days, two times a year, using oral administration of IMMUNO-VIP.

The use of CIAP products does not lead to anti-idiotype reactions, anaphylactic reactions or other adverse effects. Also, their use during a long period of time did not showed any risks. CIAP are natural proteins extracted from eggs, therefore are well tolerated by the human body, with a sole exception: the people with egg allergy.

Elaboration of IMMUNO-VIP and IMMUNO-CIP products stands from the following principles:

  • Psoriasis is a whole-body pathology;
  • Psoriasis is a disease associated with a hyperactive immune system;
  • Psoriasis remedies must be applied orally and topically to have significant effect;
  • IMMUNO-VIP and IMMUNO-CIP formulations were created to partner with human body in the effort to render its natural active defence capability, to reduce inflammatory stress, to obtain and maintain immune homeostasis;
  • IMMUNO-VIP and IMMUNO-CIP products are natural, non-toxic. The products can be used for a long period of time, even after the improvement of the skin, nail or joint lesions;
  • CIAP action on the body takes into consideration the immune mechanism of human body, supporting it in the process of recovery from ailments determined and maintained by a suppressed immune system.
  • IMMUNO-VIP and IMMUNO-CIP products may be used in combination with drugs as there is no interaction with them; even a potency of the drugs effect being observed.

ACTIVEIMMUNITY research activity is focused on prospective, controlled studies purposed to improve the formulas and also to further clarify the association between psoriasis and cardiovascular disorders on a pathogenic level and to substantiate the beneficial effect of CIAP products for skin/joints and for the other disorders associated with psoriasis.

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